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Open uri20121002 14248 vxxgeq article
Annenberg TV News

ATVN | Global Poverty Project brings its message to USC

Students learned more about the issues of global poverty and why it is important to raise awareness.

Atvn street performers article
Annenberg TV News

ATVN | A Day in the Life: Santa Monica Street Performers

Go inside a day in the life of a dance troupe on Santa Monica's Third Street Promenade.

Atvn test wiz article
Annenberg TV News

ATVN |A Day in the Life: Test Whiz

One test preparation teacher holds top scores in the GRE, LSAT, and MCAT.

Atvn unique design article
Annenberg TV News

ATVN | A Day in the Life: Unique Design

Meet one young designer who transforms inexpensive fabrics into couture styles.

Open uri20121002 13635 18jxd3y article
Annenberg TV News

ATVN | A second explosion rocks Japanese nuclear plant

Nuclear fuel rods at three most troubled reactors may be melting down, according to Japanese officials

Atvn carly fiorina article
Annenberg TV News

ATVN | Carly Fiorina profile

The former Hewlett Packard CEO formally announced her bid for the U.S. Senate.

123731 atvn chief bratton replacement article
Annenberg TV News

ATVN| Chief Bratton Replacement

What Los Angeles police officers and local residents are looking for in a new police chief.

Open uri20121002 14248 1tek9do article
Annenberg TV News

ATVN | Congresswoman Giffords remains in critical condition; Alleged attempted assassin formally charged

U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords is the only person wounded in Saturday's shooting who is still in critical condition.

Open uri20121002 13635 nvnyhk article
Annenberg TV News

ATVN | Death toll in Japan exceeds 1,400; could reach 10,000

The quake shook buildings and toppled cars off bridges into waters underneath...Debris included boats and houses

Open uri20121002 13635 1lphc1j article
Annenberg TV News

ATVN | Elizabeth Edwards dies of cancer

Elizabeth Edwards, 61, has passed away after a long battle with cancer.

Open uri20121002 25090 u8mczy article
Annenberg TV News

ATVN | Giffords can move both sides of her body

As Giffords continues to recover, hundreds of Arizonans joined a "Walk for Peace" on Sunday

Stringio article
Annenberg TV News

ATVN | Jared Loughner: Deleted YouTube video released; photos turned into police

A Walgreen employee turned in photos of Loughner; one photo reportedly shows him wearing a G-string and holding a gun.

Open uri20121002 13635 75ik8b article
Annenberg TV News

ATVN | Martin Luther King's message remembered

Dr. King's beliefs of nonviolent activism have taken a renewed importance in the wake of the Tuscon tragedy

Atvn nikias article
Annenberg TV News

ATVN | Nikias' journey to USC presidency

Learn more about C.L. Max Nikias and his journey to becoming the University of Southern California's eleventh president.

Open uri20121002 14248 1gfzep article
Annenberg TV News

ATVN | Obama rejects offshore oil drilling along eastern Gulf Coast

The Obama administration pointed to BP blowout as one of the reasons for the drilling ban.